We are here to help

Social Responsibility

Our company is socially conscious by taking responsibility to help the community and society. We believe that our experience and beliefs can make a difference.

Annually, we are actively involved in several aspects of professional and social life, including within the structures of various national bars, professional NGOs, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and having a strong presence at seminars and public conferences.

Our lawyers are also committed to teaching law courses and writing specialized articles in order to improve the legal and practical contours in the field of intellectual property.

Cosmovici Intellectual Property is the result of an entrepreneurial initiative that has gone through all the possible stages over the past years. We know how difficult it is to start from scratch, that’s why we are committed to offering our support to those who need it and strongly believe in what they do.

We are here to help

If you have an opportunity to help others or incite change, it feels like a moral obligation to do so.
Elizabeth Chambers

Pro bono publico

“Through the professionalism, proficiency, and friendly attitude of this wonderful team, Cosmovici became one of our favorite business partners.” Client review

We believe that every lawyer has a professional opportunity to provide legal services to those who cannot afford high-quality counsel. Thereby, we have a strong pro bono tradition in our company and we encourage our team of lawyers to take an active role in this sector as part of their responsibilities and to reinforce their highly ethical and service-oriented presence in the community.

Our pro bono counsel covers a broad range of areas and situations: from helping individuals approach the full power of the law, helping communities to recover, protecting the children, to the social and human rights issues.

We proactively promote opportunities for the protection and development of business ideas, social projects, inventions, and research and development projects. We encourage the spirit of initiative and the creative potential of the youth by supporting the activities of the non-profit and cultural sectors.

We offer pro bono services for students, researchers, young entrepreneurs, welfare organizations, as well as religious institutions and orders. Furthermore, we are also equipped to grant emergency assistance to persons and companies in grave financial situations.

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