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Our team is always up to date with the latest business trends. We are eager to help you and your business in the most efficient and transparent way - just tell us your needs and leave everything in our hands!

Our Services

What makes us different from other law firms is the attention we give to details.
Paul Cosmovici, Managing Partner

IP Portfolio Creation and Management

  • Worldwide trademark availability researches, including opinion on the registrability;
  • Worldwide trademark filing and prosecution, directly or indirectly through carefully selected network of partners;
  • Trademark maintenance services: change of owner’s name and / or address; transfer; limitation; renewal;
  • Trademark monitoring services.

  • Patent searches (prior-art, freedom-to-operate, patentability);
  • Patent specification drafting;
  • Patent filing and prosecution;
  • European patent validation and registration of services address in all contracting states, directly or through our carefully selected network of partners;
  • Unitary Patent related actions;
  • Patent maintenance services: change of owner’s name and / or address; transfer; patent annuity service.

  • Design searches;
  • Design filing and prosecution;
  • Deferment of publication;
  • Design maintenance actions: change of owner’s name and / or address; transfer; renewal.

  • Domain name strategies adapted on specific needs;
  • Acquisition of domain names, also available in countries with special requirements;
  • UDRP proceedings;
  • Tailored recovering proceedings where UDRP is not available;
  • Security measures and implementation;
  • Renewals;
  • Transfers;
  • Monitoring.

  • Copyright filing strategies;
  • Copyright applications in front of multiple intellectual property offices;
  • Computer software copyright consultancy and protection.

Intellectual Property Disputes

  • Consultancy and strategies concerning refusals, oppositions, cancellations, appeals and other similar actions related to trademarks, designs and patents;
  • Filing and responding to refusals issued by intellectual property offices;
  • Assistance and representation in opposition proceedings, cancellation actions, appeals or any other types of IP disputes;
  • Assistance and representation in UDRP cases, domain name recovery actions.
  • Negotiations;
  • Settlement Agreements.

Online protection

  • Online brand monitoring in multiple modules: marketplaces, web-sites, social media, mobile applications;
  • Take-down actions of infringing materials (web-sites, posts, marketplace listings, social-media profiles, etc).

  • Web-site copyright claims and statements;
  • E-commerce: legal guidance, data protection, personal data flows, etc;
  • Online brand use tips and tricks;
  • Terms and conditions: due diligence, drafting of terms and conditions in social media, marketplaces and web-sites;
  • Market surveys.

Intellectual Property Strategy and related IP expert services and Best Practice

  • Start-up Intellectual Property legal advice and “must have” criteria;
  • IP portfolio analysis on scope, strengths and weaknesses;
  • Legal opinions concerning Intellectual Property protection strategies, various Intellectual Property matters, know how and confidential information;
  • Tailored Intellectual Property filing strategies featuring territorial coverage, proposal of goods and services and competitive all-inclusive cost estimate.

  • Assistance and consultancy related to Intellectual Property acquisitions and divestments;
  • Assistance and consultancy related to technology Services agreements;
  • Preparation and drafting of assignments, licensing, franchising, technology transfers.

IP assets and technology improvement

  • Intellectual Property portfolio improvement for cost efficiency and full protection coverage;
  • Intellectual Property trends protection – Metaverse, NFT, Crypto, blockchain technology.

  • Advising on the main global trends in the patent and trademark fields
  • Advising on application of most up-to-date patenting strategies and directions taken by the main market competition
  • Advising on valuable elements that are considered as next steps in a specific industry

Innovation, Universities R&D, and Start-up communities

  • Regular IP training of entrepreneurs and start-ups;
  • Support through large library of IP contracts and model-clauses;
  • Start-ups analysis of IPRs;
  • Strategies for IPR protection during the various investment rounds;
  • Assisting entrepreneurs achieve their investment target through a cost-effective IP strategy.

  • Advising on established university hubs, involving university R&D departments, professors and students
  • Assisting spin-off entities during the entire business creation and research activity process
  • Research and identification of common grounds, and assistance in smooth use of subsequent IP assets, for the involved entities and entrepreneurs

  • Efficient strategies for complete IP protection (ex: software protection as copyright at the right moment, trademark protection, etc);
  • Software and IP contracts with developers and sub-contractors;
    Advising on patentability of new projects;

Investment funds, Venture Capital and Private Equity

  • IP audit related to target companies, before investment or acquisition;
  • Assisting target companies in preparation for acquisition of financing phase, reviewing and fixing IP gaps;

  • Fast paced review of the IPR weak points of target companies, through specific tools.
  • Assisting investment management teams in relation to the daily IP management of the portfolio companies.
  • Training of the acquisition or investment teams in key IP fields

Specific IP expert services

  • Advising on brand, patent valuation, software and additional IPR valuation

  • Consultancy and best practices;
  • Key labeling regulation;
  • Regulatory labeling compliance services.

  • IP clauses and contracts;
  • Set-up of contractual structures in multiple fields (ex.: licensing, franchising, etc);
  • Software contracts;
  • Joint-venture agreements;
  • Non-disclosure agreements;
  • Other specific, on-demand types of contracts.

Data Protection

  • Data Protection Policies (e.g. Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy);
  • Companies Data Flows (e.g. Data Mapping);
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA);
  • Company internal documentation drafting (e.g. NDAs, Privacy Policy for
  • Recruitment, Privacy Policy for Employees, Standard Processing Agreement).


  • IP disputes in Court cases and hearings attending;
  • Customs applications and court cases concerning custom-authorities actions;
  • Counterfeit actions;
  • Unfair competition cases;
  • Out-of-court settlement;
  • Intellectual Property enforcement.
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