Business Sectors

Business Sectors

We care for your new ideas, your time, and the business objectives that you have. Our IP lawyers are highly experienced and operate globally in a wide range of business and technology sectors: from the industrial chemistry sector, food and drinks, to the technology sector, hospitals and medical care, and many more.

We handle a complete portfolio of services so that we can support and advise our clients on all relevant aspects with the full spectrum.

Business Sectors

What makes us different from other law firms is the attention we give to details.
Paul Cosmovici, Managing Partner

Our Main Business Sectors

This is our primary and most important field of practice. We work with key players in European markets, including Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and Poland.
We help our clients enter new markets with new or improved brands, working closely with those who are responsible for the registration of products, the notification of food supplements, the marketing departments as well as sales divisions.

As a key field for our company, this industry represents a hugely significant component of our practice. We work for multinational clients primarily based out of Europe or in the United States, which produce or import several commodities including chocolate and various sweets, coffee, tea, frozen or fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, bread.

Many of our clients in the FMCG field have to confront complex issues. Our high-stake work here entails counterfeit analysis, protection strategy, business development, and exports involving relevant IP strategies. We are also working with the customs and other public authorities in several jurisdictions to protect and advance our clients’ interests.

We are closely working with French or Swiss cosmetics producers. The level of sophistication of the products associated with renowned brands necessitates a high degree of care in both the pre-registration phase and also during the development period. We understand the need for responsiveness and high-quality advice from all of our clients within this field.

Besides transfer technology agreements, our work requires an analysis of the important assets and a deep-rooted understanding of the legal role played by various actors. We represent clients in the procurement, use, distribution, licensing, and transfer of technology. Our professionals cover most domains of advanced technologies such as web and mobile applications, software and integrated electronic devices, and security.

On one hand, we work with software patents; on the other hand, we offer legal advice on sophisticated technical matters including software development. We routinely work with firms that require dedicated software agreements or simple yet effective agreements with their own developers across the globe.
Sometimes, we undertake a review or develop specific licensing agreements, in order to maximize the value of the business model of our clients. Our international experience always signifies a plus-value for our clients.

In addition to telecommunication companies, we regularly represent providers of specific software or solutions geared at telecommunications players. Most of our work includes the assessment of business development and protection, including patenting aspects.

We have dedicated media professionals with wide-ranging experience in advising broadcasting companies, including TV and radio broadcasters, cable TV providers, satellite TV operators, internet service providers, music companies, film companies, computer games companies, publishers, and advertisers. Our work includes but is not restricted to strategic joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, production and licensing agreements, antitrust matters, and regulatory issues such as cross-ownership requirements and licensing as well as broadcast content restrictions.

Our experts are adept at dealing with the numerous intellectual property elements involved in acquisitions, asset-based lending, electronic money and payment systems, project finance, real estate finance. We are working with several international companies in the field of banking and financial services, such as development banks, investment banks, funds, and multilateral banks. Our experts offer their advice on structuring, documentation, and negotiation of a plethora of intellectual property assets required by banking and finance-related entities.

We are also involved in negotiations involving large producers and industrial companies, such as cement producers, construction companies, or seeds producers. Our work is very often required in strategic commercial or promotional campaigns, wherein possible conflicts have to be carefully handled amidst the presence of competition.

Some of our clients have private investment funds and need advice during the acquisition period. We analyze the entire portfolios of trademarks, designs, occasionally patents, domain names, and other IP assets. Furthermore, we provide specialised analysis for improvement purposes or the selection of important assets.

We represent several networks of privately-held hospitals, clinics, maternity clinics, and pediatric centers. We help them maintain and develop their corporate identity; in addition, we advise them on matters concerning their brand image and visibility in the face of existing competition.

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