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Why is the field of intellectual property in close connection with technology?


In today’s modern society the importance of technology is becoming crucial. People are carrying out more and more of their daily activities on electronic devices. We all know that as these technologies evolve, the devices are increasingly present in many areas of our lives. Example of these changes can be observed in products such as watches or even in the most ordinary appliances such as fridges.

Thus, a high degree of importance is given to the protection of these technologies against their unlawful copying, but also of their unauthorized use. But by providing copyright protection to their various products, inventors can create and develop further technologies that will certainly help in the process of technology development. Currently, there are countries in which there is no way to provide enough protection to new technologies, and this may have repercussions on computer virus attacks. At the core of a computer virus is a software that is usually hacked and, therefore, hasn’t undergone the same quality control as the products which are authorized.

One area in which legal protection is of a particular importance is represented by the medical field, specifically biotechnologies. These inventions are a series of creations of the human mind, just like any other invention, but which are based on an impressive amount of research, inventive efforts, and especially financial investments in the laboratories in which the research was carried out. Like the rest of the technological inventions, the ones in the field of biotechnology also ensure technological progress through their protection.

But how can this protection be achieved? Simply by granting patents or titles. Even though this process is simple, the inventors of biotechnology must carry out great efforts from the moment they request protection for their inventions, due to the sensitivity, complexity and high degree of ethical challenges of the medical field. It should be mentioned that these obstacles are not encountered in the rest of the fields of technology.

An obstacle could be represented by the fact that the object of protection can be either an invention or a discovery. For example, when a microorganism still unknown is isolated by a sophisticated process, we can say that such a microorganism is not an invention, but a scientific discovery. The counter argument would be that isolation requires major human intervention using an extremely sophisticated process and therefore the result is a solution to a technical problem. It can also be said that the isolated microorganism is no different from a chemical extracted from nature, which is a patentable subject.

So, in order to be sure that your biotechnology invention will be protected, you will definitely need a specialist in the field. With their help, you will be sure that your invention is in safe hands, and the inventors of subsequent technological advances will be able to do their job so that we will enjoy new advances in medicine.


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