What is real
is not external form.


We bet on negotiation


As representatives of an important European medicine producer, we have negotiated with the Romanian Broadcasting Society.

The goal was to end a file that has been trailing for a very long time and inefficient from a business point of view.

For our client, we are also in advanced negotiations with a pharmaceutical giant to close another case file by negotiation.


Why to put your brand on watch

How many times did you ask how to discover potential infringements at an early stage? ( learn more )


A challenge for brand owners

We are currently representing a Swiss chocolatier in order to protect its IP portfolio in Canada. Why is Canada so different from Europe concerning trademark registrations? ( learn more )


EU counterfeit GI worth € 4.3 billion

According to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), 9% of all the geographical indications of the products in the EU market have been falsified in the last 3 years. ( learn more )