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 Intellectual Property and investment funds


The world of investing has grown significantly over the past 10 years, with the introduction of a number of new products, such as crypto, into the markets, thereby increasing the variety for diversification in any given portfolio. The finances you set aside in an investment is called an investment fund.

Essentially, this can be stored in an investment, which will either appreciate or depreciate in value overtime. Intellectual property or IP refers to the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge. It refers to the new product or idea you have created, and it can be anything from an invention to a trademark to a design. As we have advanced in technology and innovation, we have also exploded in terms of our overall IP, and this has given birth to an IP investment marketplace, with investors such as large companies investing in this highly-valuable asset.

IP makes up an important financial and legal asset for companies with innovative ideas as their product or service. These include start-ups as well. IP can make up to more than 80% of a company’s value, really emphasising on its importance from a financial perspective.

Investment funds in IP are desirable for one or more of the following reasons:

  • IP is limitless on its value cap
  • There are n number of ways IP can be leveraged upon
  • IP portfolio dramatically reduces the dreaded and most common – operation risk
  • Companies with IP which protect IP build more trustworthy partnerships
  • IP rights improve overall marketing and sales, due to the firm credibility it presents

So if you are an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, building or chipping into an investment fund with IP factored in the portfolio is a smart move. Your returns will like be uncapped, and it can be factored into a number of investment portfolio strategies.


Trademark availability search and its risk assessment

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Always working with contentment

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