What is real
is not external form.


Happy trademarks, happy clients


Our Client received an office action from the USPTO stating that the applied for mark was merely a surname and was thus not subject to registration, amongst other formal identified issues. We managed to overcome the refusal by drafting arguments in favor of the rareness of the mark, it’s sound and connotations and by diligently addressing the formal issues raised by the examiner. The mark is thus scheduled for publication shortly.






Coexistence Agreement successfully concluded

Through the trademark watch service performed for our Client, a well-known manufacturer and distributor of goods – wholefoods, organic foods and other natural stuff in FMCG sector, we have identified a very similar trademark filed at the EUIPO, covering similar goods but used in different branches – as an ingredient and not as a final ( learn more )


Why are Geographical indications Important?

A geographical indication refers to the inclusion of a place-of-origin sign on a product. A geographical indication also means that a product will have certain characteristics – or a particular reputation – linked to its place of origin. In addition, the inclusion of a geographical indication suggests that the product has a certain quality.   ( learn more )


Successful Trademark Registration

Recently, we have been working on a new case in which we have managed to get a trademark registered in Switzerland. The whole procedure lasted only four days as we have applied for the accelerated examination. Thanks to the advice given to the Client, his trademark passed and was registered without any incidents. ( learn more )