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is not external form.


A new brand secured for one of our clients


We continue to score for our clients! This time we have represented one client that is acting in the coaching and personal development field with the negotiation and opposition procedures in front of the EUIPO.

Following negotiations that lasted approximately 1 year, we’ve obtained for our Client a very encouraging result by concluding an agreement with the counterparty, thus allowing both parties to continue their businesses by clearly separating their domains of activity in order to avoid confusions in the market.

Such agreement, often called trademark coexistence agreement, allows potentially conflicting marks to peacefully coexist in the marketplace without threat of litigation or other dispute, while permitting registration of both marks and providing terms to govern continuing coexistence.


Class down, trademark up

Between August and September 2020, we faced a fairly common issue in the world of intellectual property. We have identified a similar trademark to that of one of our clients. The next step was contacting and starting the negotiation procedure with the opposing party in order to waive the protection of one of the classes, ( learn more )


Registration criteria for slogans

Although many famous slogans enjoy incredible success, many others face the barrier of not being able to be registered. What could be the main reason why a short series of words cannot be registered? What is the definition of a slogan? Before finding out the reasons why certain slogans cannot be registered, we need to ( learn more )


Readying your brand to go abroad

The internet’s boundless borders have paved the way for small businesses to become international. Businesses that operate online also maintain multiple platforms of operation, including a website and social media accounts, and thereby increasing visibility and access to both consumers and potential brand abusers alike. Having brand protection that spans borders and countries is becoming ( learn more )