What is real
is not external form.


A new brand secured for one of our clients


We continue to score for our clients! This time we have represented one client that is acting in the coaching and personal development field with the negotiation and opposition procedures in front of the EUIPO.

Following negotiations that lasted approximately 1 year, we’ve obtained for our Client a very encouraging result by concluding an agreement with the counterparty, thus allowing both parties to continue their businesses by clearly separating their domains of activity in order to avoid confusions in the market.

Such agreement, often called trademark coexistence agreement, allows potentially conflicting marks to peacefully coexist in the marketplace without threat of litigation or other dispute, while permitting registration of both marks and providing terms to govern continuing coexistence.


Trademark availability search and its risk assessment

We have completed a research for one of our Clients that is activating in the non-alcoholic products trade industry. We have just checked whether there is a possibility to register as a brand the slogan of its new product, as well as the risk represented by using the slogan in the country where the research ( learn more )


Always working with contentment

Assisting our Client, a well-known producer of cleaning and hygiene products, and preparing the most suitable trademark filing strategy was a pleasurable practice. We have applied at IGE for a trademark application and took all the necessary steps for protecting his brand and developing its business internationally, also by filing an application with the international ( learn more )


Swissness when it comes to trademarks

We all know whenever we read the label of a product and it says, Swiss or Made in Switzerland, we associate it with high quality and excellence. This is because, for a long time, Swiss products have been a synonym with top-quality, innovation, and precision. What does Swissness mean? Swissness is a way of indicating ( learn more )