The Food Fraud Report 2017 was released last week and was put together by experts from insurance company NFU Mutual and a number of partner organizations, including the British Retail Consortium, Food and Drink Federation, British Hospitality Association and National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association (FARMA).

The most relevant findings for those in the trademark space is the revelation that 4% of UK consumers have had experience with counterfeit food or drink goods. While relatively low in percentage terms, given the size of the market, this will equate to a lot of impacted consumers.

More worrying is the finding that 77% felt they would not be able to tell if a product was counterfeit – suggesting a significantly higher percentage of people could have purchased fake goods without realizing it. Interestingly, consumer perception matches this notion, as 38% of respondents say they believe there is an issue regarding criminally counterfeit food products.