As the internet usage rises, .com naming is going to get more and more complex. Our languages only contain a finite number of meaningful words, so brand namig becomes a matter of luck.

Many well-known brands have met challenges securing their domain names. For example, Nissan has spent over 20 years trying to acquire nissan.com from a man named Uzi Nissan, and it took Apple 16 years to acquire apple.co.uk from a British company called Apple Illustrations.

What about the future of .com

Over the next few years, we will face an important change as more brands shift to using branded extensions. For example, a new domain extension (.health) is available since May 8th for brands, organizations, and people who provide health products, services, and information. In today’s digital context, it can be very difficult to be credible as health services or products provider. That’s why the .health domain is designed to eliminate confusion and uncertainty by providing an instantly recognizable address that makes it easier for users to find the reliable, relevant information they need for a healthier life.

This domain is addressed to those who provide health care or health information, to those who market health products or services, or who develop health-related technologies, but also to those in the broader health and wellness space.

The .health domain extension is being launched in a phased registration process to ensure that .health domain names are available as soon as possible to the appropriate communities, while building a credible domain landscape.

For more details, plase follow the link: https://goo.gl/bISg29