We are regularly managing large portfolios of trademark or patent assignments. Sometimes, we are involved in transactions related to fiscal issues in connection with the overall assignment transaction between several companies.


We represent both parties, whether the licensor, or the licensee, in any licensing matter, regardless of the country of domicile. Very often, we draft licensing agreements which also involve additional complex IP rights and covenants, sometimes related to competition aspects.


We are prepared to structure franchising agreements in various industries. The most common activity of our company focuses on the fast-food industry, or on the retail of furniture. Franchise of services is sometimes at stake.

Technology transfer

We have been involved in several types of technology transfer, including distinct portfolios of trademarks or patents. One of the most challenging fields for our firm is the transfer of technology from the US to Europe and vice-versa.


Very often, the transactions of our clients involve specific aspects which cannot be joined under a unique and standard agreement. Especially large acquisitions involve highly sophisticated legal issues, including IP elements. Our team is prepared to review these elements and to provide very complex and atypical contractual elements, which would be adequate for the general legal transaction.


We are frequently in a position to negotiate on behalf of our clients, especially during the IP registration process, with adverse parties. We are used to negotiate in multiple parties environments, in cross-cultural environments.