Legal opinions

We are prepared to offer you support in preparing your legal file, or a more complex answer to your competitor, by adding the level of expertise of an intellectual property specialist. For instance, we can indicate which laws apply and explain why our clients’ rights are affected by a competitor, in a very professional way, respecting all the rules of the art.

Technical expertise

We can provide, according to our client’s needs, technical expertise, especially in the counterfeit or infringement cases where a public authority needs a highly competent legal point of view. We are used to work in larger professional teams, in order to cover all the relevant topics required by the technical field.

Market search

We provide market searches in order to identify earlier use, or real and effective use of a logo or mark. Such type of document is useful in various legal actions, including the need to prove use of one’s mark.

Second opinions

Managers or decision-makers frequently need a more substantiated view, or simply an additional level of advice. In such cases, we draft totally independent opinions on a certain case, thus rendering the decision process more detailed and discovering, sometimes, additional and unexpected solutions to the client’s problem.

Integrating complex expert teams

Because our clients work in several jurisdictions and involve large teams of specialists, we are invited from time to time to join complex expert teams. In this way, we bring our part of expertise, for example in complex due diligence files, in transnational deals with several parties, or simply by joining the in-house legal department of our client in sophisticated transactions.