A key element for a smooth business operation is a cost-effective and efficiently enforced intellectual property infrastructure. A company should be constantly developing measures that seek to prevent any infringing activity. We are experienced in drafting and implementing efficient and cost-effective enforcement strategies.

Customs and borders

We regularly draft customs notifications, follow-up with clients on customs seizures or customs administrative operations. We establish together with our clients the strategy and assets to protect with the help of the customs authorities.

Infringement of intellectual property rights

In time, we have developed strong and cost-effective strategies in order to reduce the various infringement cases. We are well aware of the various levels of infringement, as well as of the relevance of each and every step in the legal enforcement process. Our attention is focused on the realistic and effective options which could significantly reduce the level of infringement.


One of the infringement aspects is represented by various forms of counterfeit, usually in relation to FMCG or food and drinks. We do offer substantial help to our clients in order to identify, select, and conduct adapted strategies in order to fight the counterfeiting phenomenon which directly affects our clients. We prepare specific written legal tools intended to involve the relevant authorities which, together with us, are adapted to each different counterfeit scenario.

Unfair competition

In numerous cases, this field is interconnected with the infringement of intellectual property rights, because of the behavior of the person involved. It also happens that, without an adapted advice, you may be falsely accused of counterfeit or unfair competition. We are available to help you in order to assess and understand such uncertainty and risk.

Additionally, more or less sophisticated third parties try to obtain profits from your business, invoking a so-called "infringement of rights.” We can assist you in drafting customized answers, which stop these unlawful accusations and protect you from any misleading actions at law.