We handle a complete portfolio of services in relation to trademarks, which include among others:

  • Advising on the suitability of marks for registration;
  • Conducting availability searches in national and international data bases;
  • Advising and representing clients in filing trade mark applications before various offices, using the World Intellectual Property Office, and prosecuting to registrations;
  • Conducting opposition, appeal, and cancellation proceedings;
  • Filing Community trade marks and conducting registrations before the Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) or the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO);
  • Filing trademarks worldwide, directly or through our carefully selected network of partners;
  • Building trademark survey mechanisms against infringers;
  • Administrating and renewing registered trademarks;
  • Advising and representing clients in all the procedures related to trademark infringement, including drafting petitions for the intervention of various customs authorities, counterfeit and unfair competition actions;
  • Negotiating the sale and acquisition of trademarks;
  • Drafting and reviewing complex agreements related to trademarks, including assignment, license, franchise and distribution agreements.


We have a particular expertise in complex patent litigation and patent infringement. We advise our clients on all aspects including patent applications, licensing, technology transfers and outsourcing. Among our competencies, we would like to mention:

  • Availability search and patentability opinions;
  • Filing patent and utility models applications, evaluating and answering to examiners’ objections;
  • Filing appeals with various patent offices, including the USPTO and the EPO;
  • Drafting and filing revocation requests against published patents, or applicant’s response to the revocation requests;
  • Patent monitoring services;
  • Legal assistance for technology transfer transactions or complex agreements (assignments, licensing etc.);
  • Representation in complex litigation, including cancellation, anti-counterfeiting, antitrust, and border customs actions.


Typical projects in the design areas of our practice generally include:

  • Advising clients on the possibility of obtaining design protection in various jurisdictions;
  • Performing national and international searches;
  • Advising and representing clients in all procedures before various national or regional offices;
  • Advising and representing clients before WIPO in filing and registering international designs under the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs;
  • Filing designs worldwide;
  • Filing Community designs and conducting registrations before the Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM);
  • Administrating and renewing registered designs;
  • Representing clients with regard to design infringements and cancellation actions;
  • Performing monitoring services;
  • Drafting and reviewing complex agreements related to designs, including assignment, license and distribution agreements.


Domain names

We advise on several issues related to domain names, with a particular focus on:

  • Litigation or arbitration proceedings regarding infringement of a trademark by a domain name, including representation before the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, under the UDRP Rules and Policy;
  • Recovering domain names from "cyber squatters”;
  • Negotiations, sales and transfers of domain names registered by third parties;
  • Advising on litigation and arbitration strategies regarding any infringement of the domain name;
  • Managing domain names portfolios, including domain name acquisitions and renewals.


We assist our clients with the full range of software contracts, including:

  • Drafting and negotiating software outsourcing or development agreements and other business software contracts;
  • Reviewing software applications and software policies;
  • Drafting or reviewing software licensing agreements.


We are able to handle any aspect related to copyright protection. The services we provide in this area particularly relate to:

  • Advising clients on any type of infringement of moral and patrimonial rights;
  • Assistance for the recording procedures in various national registries;
  • Representing clients in relation to counterfeiting and piracy;
  • Representing clients before collective societies;
  • Negotiation and assistance for the drafting of assignment, distribution, publishing, theatrical representation, musical execution, and rental agreements;
  • Assistance regarding the neighboring rights of the copyright, especially for cinematographic and other audiovisual works;
  • Assistance regarding the protection of copyrights deriving from computer software;
  • Assistance regarding the sui-generis protection of the authors of databases;
  • Representation regarding the protection of visual arts, architecture, and photography works, and the protection of the portrait;
  • Representation of television and radio broadcasting bodies, in relation to public communication by satellite and cable retransmission.

Personal Data Protection

Many companies are working with personal data, although they are not aware of this fact. It suffices to conclude agreements with providers or beneficiaries and to organize these agreements in a database in order to be subject to the laws regarding the protection of personal data. We have built specific expertise in connection with data protection issues:

  • Reviewing the software or corporate tools that involve or contain personal data;
  • Preparing, filing or adjusting personal data protection notifications, before national bodies within the European Union;
  • Performing due-diligence in connection with data protection issues, especially during the take-over or acquisition of new companies.

Business methods and ideas

In many cases, several aspects must protect a business method or idea. As the idea itself cannot be protected in any jurisdiction, there is the ever-present danger of losing the rights to one’s own idea. Businesses and individuals, therefore, need a strategy in order to block the unlawful use of ideas. We can give you the advice you need in order to identify important elements for your business. Additionally, we can support you in establishing the order and priority of protection, thus avoiding a disclosure, which could lead to a loss of rights.


Very often, our clients are holding an extremely valuable know-how which cannot be publicly protected in various offices, but has to be kept and developed. We are ready to offer a series of very specific ways of protection from disclosure and from use by competitors, providing at the same time a necessary level of protection.


We are regularly involved in mandates for assignments, licensing, franchising, technology transfers. Read more here.

IP Asset Management

We have a very strong practice in the overall maintenance of the IP portfolios of our clients. Read more here.

Research and opinions

We prepare on a regular basis legal opinions, technical expertise, market searches, second opinions. Read more here.


A key element for the soft functioning of a business is a cost effective and efficiently enforced intellectual property infrastructure. A company should be constantly developing measures seeking to prevent infringing activity, read more here.