We are approaching a global crisis of domain name

As internet usage has increased, choosing a domain name with the extension .com that is not already used became a very complicated thing. Our dialects contain a finite number of words that have a meaning, which means that choosing the brand name is a matter of luck.


How do you face online abuse?

A new research generated by Hogan Lovells has revealed that 94% of in-house counsel have encountered misuse of their company’s trademarks online, concerning the North American brands.


You can now preorder your .HEALTH domain. Before anyone else…

A new domain extension (.health) is available since May 8th for brands, organizations, and people who provide health products, services, and information. In today’s digital context, it can be very difficult to be credible as health services or products provider. That’s why the .health domain is designed to eliminate confusion and uncertainty by providing an…


.Africa, a new domain extension

If you already hold a trademark in this region this domain name will be an important addition to your business. This will be a way to be parted from other competitors who want to enter this market.