Our history

The founder, Paul Cosmovici, continued a legal and IP tradition already existing in his family. Cosmovici Intellectual Property was founded in 2009, with a dedicated activity in all intellectual property fields. After an initial period of two years, the firm established its seat in Geneva in 2011. From Geneva, it developed its activity especially in the prosecution area, in several countries including Switzerland, the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Since 2012, the company is able to represent large companies and manage sophisticated IP portfolios. The members of the team are regularly involved in complex processes of strategic IP decisions, for its clients in Europe, USA and Asia.

Who we are

Cosmovici Intellectual Property is a Swiss company specialized in the field of intellectual property. We offer a full spectrum of specialized services, ranging from the acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights to their enforcement and defense in case of infringement. Legal assistance is provided during contract negotiations and proceedings, as well as before the competent authorities or courts of law.

We are regularly involved in due diligence examinations in connection with M&A transactions. We manage important IP portfolios of international clients, besides our usual worldwide registration work. Additionally, we are regularly involved in various IP related mandates, such as verifying and evaluating IP rights, negotiating and drafting license, assignment and coexistence agreements, and registering such agreements with the appropriate authorities.

Our company stands out through one of the most complete portfolio of intellectual property services, and through its highly experienced lawyers, having a wide expertise in business law and litigation, recognized by both clients and peers.

We represent large companies and major businesses, helping our clients to implement their strategies and achieve their objectives. We advise bank institutions, international corporations, publicly and privately held companies, and we structure together with our clients sophisticated domestic and cross-border transactions and financial operations, providing innovative solutions in complex litigation and international arbitrations. We also advise small and medium-sized companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs.

What makes the difference, in our opinion, between us and other top law firms can be seen in the degree of attention to the needs of our clients and a deep understanding of their specific concerns. We treat every issue with the most particular care, regardless of the matter which we face.

Sometimes, our clients bring “simple” issues to our attention; however, we know that today, in a globalized context, what appears at first sight as simple may involve additional related issues, requiring expertise in very different fields. That is why we try to unfold client concerns and to identify all possible legal implications, including the least obvious ones.

Our experience is built on a deep knowledge of the international IP legal system and jurisprudence, including cases and institutional customary practice and interpretation of the regulations. We keep our feet on the ground and practice with a view to service-effectiveness in connection with the interests of our clients.

On the other hand, we have a global view and a valuable complex practice drawn from our dealings with multiple jurisdictions and foreign legal systems. Our lawyers are used to work with several practice areas and to interact with electronic infrastructures, getting thus the best, fastest and most efficient solution to even the most individualized problem they have to deal with.

Our firm has a vast experience and the skills necessary to navigate the field of intellectual property in our challenging times. We pride ourselves in our expertise in structuring sophisticated transactions, our global view and familiarity with foreign jurisdictions, and our preparation in assisting and representing clients in various transactional and litigation matters including patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, Internet, software, domain names, antitrust, counterfeiting, trade secrets, know-how, privacy and data protection.

Our clients often ask our advice on business and legal matters involving a wide range of issues and a multi-disciplinary approach. Our philosophy is to avoid a rigid, departmental approach in these cases, in order to address the specific requirements of our clients’ projects. Our teams are created in a way to combine the in-depth knowledge of specific issues with the general overview of the project.

Pro bono

We promote a strong pro bono tradition in our firm, in order to advance our society’s general welfare and to help those who are most in need. Our lawyers are encouraged to get involved in pro bono assignments, as part of their responsibilities and as a sign of a high ethical and service-oriented presence in the community. 

Our core commitment aims at supporting those who cannot afford counsel, thus rendering the legal system more efficient and promoting justice. We try to achieve results in fields like the human rights, or the protection of disabled children. Last, but not least, we are trying to set an example among other local law firms, in order to promote a better law for a better society.

We wish to promote the opportunities of protection and development of business ideas, social projects, inventions and research and development projects. We propose, thus, to encourage the spirit of initiative and the creative potential of the younger generation, and to support the activities of the non-profit and cultural sectors.

We offer pro bono services for students, researchers, young entrepreneurs, welfare organizations, as well as religious institutions and orders. Furthermore, we are prepared to grant emergency assistance to persons and companies in critical financial situations.

Our pro bono work reflects our commitment to promote the awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights and their impact on the ability to innovate in all areas of human life.


Our firm is active in several aspects of the professional and social life, including the involvement within the structures of various national bars, participation in professional NGOs, and a strong presence in seminars and public conferences.

Our lawyers are also committed to teaching law courses or to writing specialized articles in order to improve the law or practice in the intellectual property field.

With respect to our social involvement, we can also mention the financial help or sponsoring of young legal talents to earn foreign university degrees.